I just bought a JCM2000 dsl 50 head and 1960a cab from MF. I just found out today that they didn't have the cab in the warehouse when i ordered it so I have to wait another week before they even ship. My question is can i use the speaker from old MG50 to use with my head till the cab comes. The speakers obviously rated for 50 watts but i'm not sure if there's a difference between SS and tubed wattage and the MG says on the back it's 8 ohms. Can I just plug into the 8 ohm input and play? The only thing i'm worried about ruining is the head, I could care less about the MG.
Probably...but it would sound like crap.
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1. it'd sound... yeah like crap.

2. as long as you don't crank it, the power of the amp should stay below 50watts. if you do crank it, it'll put out more watts than that; probably around 60-70. but who's really gonna turn that up to 10?
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Yeah I really dont care if it sounds like crap I seriously cant wait to play, it's been months since i had a working amp