Well, considering there have been MANY video game songs set out recently, I though i should put out mine that I covered/wrote about half a year ago.

Personally, this is my favorite video game song EVER, closely followed by The Song of Storms from The Ocarina of Time and One-Winged Angel by Nobuo Uematsu from FF:IIV

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Bowser Castle.zip
yea i agree
i give it 5/5
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damn, ever since I posted the zelda song, there's like been a surge of video game songs on here haha. This was pretty good man. Intro is ace, sounds spot on w/ the original (which is a killer game). Main theme is good, but maybe add in some strings to give it a fuller more atmospheric sound. Bridge is good, and I really liked the sweeps afterwards. harmonized part was great too, but again maybe add in some strings here too (I really like keyboard stuff ). Overall It's good, but maybe you could add in another mario theme after this one ends.
Not really much I can say, I love the Bowser Castle theme. At first I thought it was going to be from the old-school Mario games, but I liked the SNES version better

The sweeps in bar 19 sound a bit off-key, but that's probably how they're supposed to be...

It was pretty cool, but I agree with zakatak that maybe some keyboards should be added.

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It kind of sounds like a boss-theme
damn i never noticed how badass death metalz that song was until now lol

****ing ace man that was great
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Dude this stuff is freakin awesome, I so feel like playing super mario world now

Intro/Main theme sounds great. As with the bridge. The little sweep thing before the main sweeps sounds kinda wierd though. The part after that is great though. And the harmonization of course, my favorite part. You definitely owned this one. Awesome job dude, seriously. It would be sick if you record this too

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Haha cool.
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that's fantastic. 10/10 really. but ya some keyboard wouldn't be a bad idea. other than that, i would throw some random pinch harmonics in there every once in a while. dunno why but that seems like it would fit. ZOMG you should totally end it with the music that plays when mario dies!

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