well i found out today that my ibanez gio is mahogany so i think im gonna mod it. its hss, one tone, one vol., maple neck, rosewood fretboard, trem. so what are some good mods? i think im gonna make it sss and set it up like a fender one vol 2 tones. what would be some good pickups and better hardware?
fender noisless, what type of music do you play, hot rails, tex-mex. duncan single hum. any semour duncan basically
i play rock, classic rock, hard rock, and blues mostly but i like playing some stuff with cleans or a jazzy tone and i have a guitar with humbuckers. so im thinking mod this one for more of a jazzy blues tone. or go the opposite and make it like an rg maybe hsh?
locking tuners? then ide go with some fender noisless pickups, eric clapton used them and they are made for blues, get some hot noisless for more rocked out stuff,
Are you sure it's mahogany? From your description, it sounds like a GSA. Those are agathis I believe. I'm not aware of any type of Gio that's made from mahogany.
its a grx40 i think but i got the kit. on the ibanez website it says its mahogany.
is the fender vitage noisless set pretty good for the tones i said up there ?^
Yes, stick to GGandA for pickup threads now, please. And if you need any ideas for mods, go look in the stickies or any of the other countless threads that have been done recently.
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