I just wrote this song today. Tell me what you think.

You treat me like I'm your favorite,
But you know, I'm not,
I'm just a little different,
And you act like your not.
You see these tears,
They haven't been wiped away,
If I could, I would disappear,
To somewhere far away.

If you love me, please say it,
If you know you're wrong, admit it,
You're not man enough,
to say "I'm sorry."
If you care, please prove it,
If you don't love me, I'm ok with it,
Cause you're not man enough,
to say "I'm sorry."

I greet the day,
Unprepared and unaware,
To follow what you say,
Cause I'm torn and not scared, of you.
I'm sick of all your lies,
Cause you think that you're better,
I've got only one question, "Why?"
Cause you're twisted than ever!


What does a girl have to do,
to get you out of her life?
You're saying you'll change too,
But you're not ready to see the many reasons why.

(chorus x2)
i see know emotion whatsoever. idk. its not that great, to me.

i see potential though. keep up the work.
gabbieRAMONE <3
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I agree with rebelrebelx, cuz i also see no emotion whatsoever \. if ur gonna write something like this, u really have to spill ur heart out, otherwise, it looks like a brittany spears song *shivers, then shudders* and is just there to sound good, but this piece didn't even pull that off. u might wanna keep the idea, but next time u write, get urself in that mood. for this particular song, I would really recommend listening to Brat by Green Day (their old stuff, not their newer stuff that just disgraces the very name of punk rock) and also try Gone Forever by Three Days Grace, not the best songs, but if u really listen to the lyrics, it'll set off a mood, there are much better songs too set this particular mood ur trying to convey, but I can't remember any right now, and am too lazy to open windows media player. really, just get in the right mood, and loose urself in that emotion, THEN write something meaningful
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i get what you all are saying...and thanks for the advice. I don't know why, but for me, i guess, i feel the emotion( not in the lyrics, but inside of me..), but when I put something on paper, nothing really happens. I don't know. I'll try again sometime.
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