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5 12%
2 5%
6 14%
6 14%
17 40%
Multicolored (explain in post)
7 16%
Voters: 43.
I chose black. But I would go for clear/see-through if possible.
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Red and black. That's what I do and it works. Never do holiday colors because if you do you'll have to go with out dated holiday colors for a while.
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But I would go for clear/see-through if possible.

Any color looks like you have something in your teeth.
My braces are black on the top. and black and a deep crimson red on the bottom. like the colour of blood. which creeped me out when I looked into the mirror the first time. It's my band's colours though so, I'm okay with it. =]
be a man and get pink i did.....but i later changed them to blue
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Don't get black. It'll look like you have no teeth.

Get blue or green.
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Get the color that is least noticeable. I personally stuck with the plain silver.
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black. i have black it looks the best IMO i've had them black since i've got them and thats like almost 2 years now and i'm getting them off in 3 months yay
I've been getting red every time. I'm not quite sure why...
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I think I'll get Red/Yellow/Green myself thanks to the guy who recommended it

I'm not even close to Rastafarian but I think it'd look awesome. I was planning on going with plain silver until now.
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ive always gotten blue or black... haha if u get black the contrast makes ure teeth look whiter =))
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Get the normal colors, I have braces too. Black makes your teeth look dirty, any dark color. Yellow makes your teeth look baddddddddddd. I stayed with silver, I had pink for 10 weeks and then I decided no
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