most guitarists that i know have covered their guitar cases in bumper stickers. Is this normal, or is it just my group of friends?
yeah I use stickers too. Like if I get a free sticker with a cd, or if bands give them away a gigs, I'll throw it on one of my cases.
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i do it and so do all of my friends so i guess its normal, most guitar cases ive seen have stickers all over them unless they're like really nice gibson custom shop cases or something
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i paint on mine, put stickers on, draw **** on em.. etc.. its normal
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I've got nothing on my case.

But on my amp, I have a sticker that says "Darwin Loves You". I laugh every time I see it.
yeah i do too but just whenever i come up on stickers, and iv painted on mine
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I have nothing on mine.


Oh god, I love the SNL Celebrity Jeapordy.

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Put Icy Hot on it.

I was waiting for that.
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I have a bunch of stickers that say **** like "when you brush don't rush," etc. on mine that i got from my dentists office
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that is amazing

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just making sure im not the only one. My newest sticker says"