I was crusing around guitarfetish one day and I see that they have some new humbuckers for sale. Looks like their take on the dimebucker. You can get an almost vintage output one for the neck position, but you could probably toss it in the bridge if you don't want mud. The power rails one looks sweet, as the rails are quite a bit bigger than regular dimebuckers/500XL's. I may end up buying some for my next project.
So basically i'm asking, do you think you'll give these a shot?
Call me Wes.
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Im thinking about getting some for my LP copy, the power rails for the bridge and a Dream 180 for the neck. They say on the website that the Power Rails are better for thinner sounding amps and the other type of rail they have are better for thicker amps.
i ordered the power rail humbucker i havent installed or been to home to open the box yet, but after i install and play ill let you know how it is
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