If someone offered you a million quid to give up playing music completely would you do it? Point is how important music playing is to you.
No, I would not give up music for anything. Music is my life.
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Music is my life.
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Well, the logical thing would be to give up music, take the money, hire a hitman to kill the person/people who gave me the money so they would never bug me again, and then buy more instruments and play my music.

But, I assume that what I just said is aside from your question, so I would just say that I would take the money and run. Plenty of other things that money can buy.
well if your good enough to other people you could just make millions later on right?
just playing music? i'd take it if coincidentally i lost the use of my hands earlier that day.
I'd take the money, honestly. I don't even play that well.

But if I had to stop listening to music...that's a whole different story.
ya. I'd be way more bored with a bunch o money.
I bet you five bucks that I play guitar.
I wouldn't quit playing for any amount of money. As long as I got my music I'm happy anyway.
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good to hear some dedicated musos..although if the cash was infront of you you might act differently.
I wouldn't. I know it sounds so cheesy, but if I gave up music I would have nothing else to do.