So I'm wondering how I should set up my pedals in my FX loop. I have a Phase 90, Boss Reverb, Boss Noise Suppressor, Boss Loop Station and a MXR 10-band EQ.
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Just my opinion:

Amp>Loop Station>EQ>Noise Gate>Reverb>Phaser.

I would have to try all those out together to see what sounded best though. Just try to experiment with it.

By the way, how does that Loop Station work? Is it any good? I've always found that interesting.
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I have the RC-20XL. It's a great pedal. It allows you to record up to 11 phrases and has a total of 16 minute recording time. You can record a riff then record a solo over the riff on the same phrase. It has a tap tempo that can be turned off and on. It also does a few other things I haven't really looked into yet.

Thanks for the advice on the pedals. I'm pretty much running everything the way you suggested except I have the Noise Gate at the end.
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I would personally put the phaser in front of the reverb but whatever you like is fine, their is no right order and you can experiment yourself.
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put the modulated effects (phaser, chorus, e.t.c) in the FX loop, and the overdrives, distortions, noise gates and wahs in front of the amp
edit: I also personally prefer the EQ in the loop and I would experiment with the loop station
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