So I'm getting a guitar kit online; it's built like a Paul Reed. It comes with two "standard" humbucker pickups, but I wanted to replace the neckside pickup with a soapbar/P90 style pickup. I've replaced pickups on my guitars a couple of times (lit. twice), so I know I'll need dimensions of the cavity, but I just wanted to get a general opinion on whether it would work or not, because it looks like P-90s are a little longer and slimmer than humbuckers.

Link to guitar kit:

Scroll down to HT-10 PR style
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you can get humbucker-sized p90's. might be worth looking into.
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you can get humbucker-sized p90's. might be worth looking into.

Yeah, I know Gibson makes a P-90 in a humbucker casing.
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You should just buy a PRS Soapbar II SE. But that's just my opinion.

Gibson humbucker-sized soapbars are called P-94s. Seymour Duncan makes Phat Cats, which are the same idea. Rio Grande makes some decent humbucker-sized soapbars as well. But nothing sounds as good as the original, IMO. You need the huge single coil pickup to get that biting, raunchy tone.
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Guitar Fetish makes some also if you are strapped for cashola .
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