I am looking for a cheap amp for under $250 which can do good hard rock and grunge stuff + some blues. Living in India, I don't have a lot of choice, I need to get them from abroad. Hence, testing is out of the question. I will be using mostly for garage and small gigs(1000 ppl). I can always mic it up, so wattage is not a criterion. Any advice?
Go with the Vox, there's really nothing else you should consider in that price range.
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I live in Orissa(Bhubaneswar). And 1000 ppl is like the max I can get. And I should have mentioned, I HATE MODELLING AMPS OR AMPS WITH DFX. I was thinking of the crate V8. Any good?
behringers are crap, just so you know.
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I was thinking of the crate V8. Any good?

Its great, but it wont do gigs without being mic'd. Maybe you should try looking at used gear?
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You have great taste, stay away from modeling amps and effects onboard!

If you plan on being mic'd and want a great sound, the crate v8 is an excellent amp for the price. Since it is pretty far under look into a bad monkey, or OD-1. They will get you into all the mentioned styles with excellent tube tone!
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behringers are crap, just so you know.

+1, couldn't agree more. Ive heard good thigns about VOX, but I do have to admit, I LOVE my spider.
Check out the Laney LC15 if you can find one used and you can stretch your budget.
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