hey, I've been playing alot of guitar lately and found some real good songs i enjoy playing, so i thought id ask the UG community, what are some good, fun, and challanging songs you like to play?
strength of the world - avenged sevenfold
master of puppets - metallica
madhouse - anthrax
laid to rest - lamb of god
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your mama dont dance and your daddy dont rock n roll - poison <-- awesome leads and solos, really fun to play and youll impress the listeners
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Thanks UG.
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Try some Trivium, I've been getting into them a fair bit lately and their stuff is great to play.
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try some more lamb of god, pretty much all of their songs are great fun to play! or like someone said, machine head's stuff has everything ranging from sludgy two note riffs to ****ing awesome solos in the same songs, try that ****.
I advertise this song so much that Anthrax should be paying me, but try their song called "Safe Home".

It's one of my favorite songs, it's not that difficult, and it's loads of fun to play, especially if you know the lyrics.
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The infamous "Scarified" by Racer X
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