Hello all knowing mod people

A friend of mine has an epiphone sg special


(yes the one that comes in with the starter pack) and he has a piece of diamond plate and wants to make a pickguard out of it, so it should like like this:


But he doesn't want to buy that since he says it doesn't fit his model, his diamond plate is about 2mm thick.

So we have a couple of questions.

First of all, how thick should it be so he can screw it on top? Second of all, we wanted to know if doing such a thing would suck tone on his guitar.
I would keep it 2 mil and tone will remain the same. But i've never used an sg before and never replaced a pick gaurd, sooo

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it wouldnt suck tone to my knowledge...2mm is pretty nicely balanced

if you have the tools and knowledge to cut it out and shape it...go for it..