Poll: How far into The Pit do YOU go?
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Page 1
59 41%
Pages 1-2
34 23%
Pages 1-3
20 14%
Pages 1-5
7 5%
Any where and everywhere
25 17%
Voters: 145.
I usually stay around page 1 or 2, but I go deeper if I'm looking for something.

Poll coming soon.
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I just reload until something interesting come up

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yea unless its caturday, laugh or lose, or the occasional My girlfriends parents are going to get my arrested because i got her pregnant threads
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I just reload until something interesting come up


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But seriously, about page 3, usually if it was a recent thread, and I didn't subscribe or something.
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Quote by CaptainOfSmug
I just reload until something interesting come up

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I'm sure that no-one goes past page 2. I mean, think about it... Past this page and it's old news!

I know I sure as hell stay on page 1.

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Not very far. Lol page 1 only. Only past page 2 if I'm looking for something I want to find.
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i mostly stay around page 1 and hit the reload button..
but sometimes i go far out until the 3rd page just in case i missed something
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I reply to threads on page 1, then I refresh the page until something catches my attention.
Usually stay on page 1. Or I'll venture into page 2 if I'm looking for a thread I posted in recently (threads get knocked down so quickly!)
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Quote by CaptainOfSmug
I just reload until something interesting come up

+1 same - unless I'm looking for something, then I'll just keep going - but page one.
(makes me wonder how threads from ages and ages ago suddenly reappear...people search I guess)
Basically I just stay in page 1. The depths of the pit are far too scary for me
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Usually pages 1 or 2, but that doesn't mean I don't occasionally delve into the last few pages.
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