I just got done writing my first solo to a song were trying to cover in our church band. Last Sunday was when we first got together, and 2 of the people wanted to learn some song, its full of powerchords and kinda poppish, not really my style of music. So I agreed but only If I got to solo (gotta have some break from powerchords), and so they said I could write a solo.

I have finally made it up and got it memorized. Its a solo over a: G5, High E5, D5, C5 powerchord progression for 4 bars at a mediumish tempo. I stuck mainly to a penatonic scale, but moved around the fretboard with it, and done a tapping bit down the strings, moved up halfway through the penatonic scale and done a little pinch harmonic at the end, then played a high note thing on the E string for the last bar. Probably not impressive to yall, but I impressed myself.

So, tell us about your first solo that you ever wrote.

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My first solo was when i was messing around with a B harmonic minor scale and got something that sounded like buckethead.
Don't be a sissy... improvise your solos. I have played three concerts and never once had a solo written, and nobody has ever known I was just making stuff up. It is much more fun, challenging, and organic if you improvise.
^Umm, I wrote a solo because Im not good at all on improvising a solo real quick. I still have a lot to learn, and get trained to where I know what notes are in and out of key.
i make up solos to this stoner song everytime we play sometimes it sounds good sometimes it sounds total ****e

I planned out a solo for a jazzy song which sounds nice im glad it worked out what i was going to do but i didnt write it down
If i plan out solos they suck. If i improvise i end up doing stuff i'd have never done with a solo planned out, because when i'm planning something it just sounds dull.
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Like a few other people here, I don't write solos. Usually I'll take the main riff to a song I write and loop it in my pedal, then I'll start getting the feel of it, and let loose. I try to use different techniques in most solos, just experimenting usually works. After I jam to it for a good while, I remember what parts I liked, and use that as a skeleton for whenever I'm soloing to it again.
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^Well thats kinda what I did, I play some parts of the solo the same and some parts different each time. The little time in between the 'runs' I make I just make up stuff.
Its not technically a written solo, I just made up a solo to it and memorized it.
The first solo that I wrote was a pentatonic solo in G. Starts off with some big bends and a hammer on riff, then runs up the high string till I get to the 15th and I do a fast hammer alternate pick riff there, then a short run to bring my back to root.

It's pretty nice, had a few compliments on it.

I improvise some of my other solo's like, but that was the first one I wrote. One of our songs I improvised the solo for about 2 months, till I did a version I really liked and memorised that one.
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I improvise my solos for new songs and after three or four times I have some ideas in place that I then use to write a proper solo.

My first solo was minor pentatonic based, pretty cheesy sounding. I later made it into more of a dorian thing and added a nice little tapping lick at the end,
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You're best bet is to learn scales and imrpovise.
There's nothing wrong with guidelines for a solo, but the best stuff will come at the spurr of the moment with the adreniline pumping through you. Otherwise your limiting yourself.