hello crazy ugers!
i got my old 70s japanese p bass copy and made it fretless a few years ago.
but it stoped working and stuff so i fixed it up! i forgot to take photos before i started but opps.

this is after i sanded the lacquer off the body thats the mighty mite neck the new black scratch plate and the pickup cover!

This is me holding the newly refinished bass and and my electronics finished i put all new electronics and seymore Duncan pickups.

then i finished it yay!!! too bad the pics make it look less shiny than it is. its really shiny and black and chrome.

as you can see it has a blank headstock i wanna put Famder in the Fender font as my surname is Famularo.

over all im happy with the sound and look and it is maddd

peace out!!!!!!

R.I.P (rock in peace) billy motherfu**ing basswolf
That looks real nice man.
Good work.

Are those strings you used when you had frets?

Or am I seeing things when you look at the strings and you can see like fret dents? Haha
Looks pretty nice man, I would be either epoxy-ing the neck or using flatwounds to avoid fretboard damage.
How did your intonation and action end up being?
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thanks guys.
there strings from like the 70s lol there the original strings.
but there flat wounds so its cool.

the action is pretty good but ill have to get it set up in like a month so the truss rod settles with the neck or somthing because there were no strings or any tention on the neck before because it was new

hey i just relised ur both aussies too lol

R.I.P (rock in peace) billy motherfu**ing basswolf
Awesome.... how does it play?
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Actually, using roundwounds is perfectly fine, the whole thing about it wearing your fretboard is a myth.

Nice job.
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sick bro.
nick job.

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Round wounds CAN do damage to your fretboard. If you do a lot of vibrato and use a lot of pressure to fret you can leave grooves in your fretboard. Mind you, these can usually be taken care of with some tung oil. Well, at least with rosewood.
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