I've been wondering, is there a correct anything to do with your picking hand/wrist whilst playing?

I have seen people rest their hands on their guitar or bridge, have it completely off the guitar, or resting slighly on the strings not being played.

Which leads to my question, is there a right or wrong way?
No - do it the way you are comfortable. The only wrong way is if u rest your palm on the bridge cos then you may be palm muting the strings without meaning to do it.
Yeah this is no right or wrong way, but the best way, usually, is to fix the bottom of your hand or your wrist to just above the strings. unless your hands are to small to then reach all the other strings if thats the case you will have to find your own style.
^Ugh, there is a wrong way. Anchoring (clamping on to the guitar with your fingers or pressing down on it with your wrist) IS bad. It makes you tense up, it limits your movements and it can create all sorts of arm problems (such as carpel tunnel), I admid that there are multiple reasons for getting carpel tunnel, but it's a fact that anchoring isn't that good for your arm

Anyways, read this


The last page also covers some problems you might encounter when trying to un-anchor (if you were doing it in the first place). Also, not anchoring doesn't mean you can't touch the strings or the guitar at all. If you've got big hands, ofcourse you'll touch the guitar. Your arm also might touch the guitar (lifting it up to not touch the guitar isn't very comfortable either ). On top of that you probably need to touch the strings to mute as well. The important part is that you don't put unneeded pressure on them. Your arm should be controled, you don't need to clamp on to the guitar for support, your arm CAN and should do it, the guitar will just limit you and tense you up.
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thanks for the replies everyone.

I asked some friends about thumb position on the kneck and this same sort of divison resulted.

Personally I am a believer in whatever is comfortable.

I use this jass guitarist from the 60's, cant remember his name but he used to plant all of his fingers outstretched on the pickguard and play souley with his thumb becuase he needed a way to play quietly becuase all his neighbours were complaining about the noise. He still managed to play with lightening speed and precision
Hi Shiney Moondog,

While I see that there's really no 'correct' way to hold the pick, there are some things to consider in your playing that really can help you out. If you play electric guitar with any gain, I strongly recommend palm muting, just because it gives your low range a nice, articulate sound. It's not a good idea to plant your entire wrist on the bridge, but this is far more common in closed-fist pickers that I've seen.

An explanation of MY picking hand (and this is solely so you can use mine as an example, or an idea for making your own) would be to grasp the pick with your thumb and first finger, with your thumb covering the logo of the pick (I have a tendency to let my pick dig into the strings a bit, so I don't just choke up on it) and your first finger almost pointing toward the strings while holding the underside of a pick. I take the side of my right hand and dampen the low E, A, and D string, and I also plant my ring and little fingers on the pickguard, just as a reference place to swing by.

Just find something that's comfortable that doesn't hamper your playing. Experiment with different styles and keep a good ear for your cleanliness.