What kind of stand would a flying v fit on. Everyone I have wont hold it. Any help?
yeah a wall hook would work, or one of the guitar stands from Hercules stands would work fine. Thats what i use for my V
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one of the guitar stands from Hercules stands would work fine. Thats what i use for my V

Me too
yea hercules stands work best for any guitar any way
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I use a standard guitar stand for mine.
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Hercules are the most badass guitar stands out there. Although somewhat expensive compared to other stands, it has the patented grabby thingy when you put the guitar on. They are also very sturdy and very reliable stands. You can put a Les Paul on one side of the double hanger stand and nothing on the other and it won't topple over like some double stands do. You can also fold them up into a small size and take them places!
i put mine on a regular stand
the bottom part doens't really hold it
but as long as the neck is supported it doens't fall off or anything
They have stands which support the guitar from the neck - I have one.
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I have a hercules stand at home and we use herc hangers in the practice room. only thing is, if you have guitars with a soft lacquer finish, check the padding on the round parts and rotate it every once in a while if it flattens out or you could end up with little dents in the lacquer on the load bearing edges of your headstock. luckily i caught mine before it got too bad.

I've also used regular guitar stands without too much of an issue as long as you're not on a concrete floor and don't bother to make sure the bottom arms are level.