Im getting a new amp in about a month. I got around 600au or something like 400-500 U.S.
Anyway I mostly play classic rock, hard rock and a bit of metal.

I have been thinking roland cube 60. I herd its a good metal amp but not sure what it's like fore classic rock?

Then i was thinking Vox Ad50vt. But whats that like when ya get a bit of gain happening?

As for Marshalls I think I dont got enough money to get one that worth getting. I played my mates MG and im amazed at how f u c k i n g **** it was!!! I think with the mg's you are just paying for the marshall logo on the front.

Is there other amps that would be better that I don't no about that i should try coz im probly going to try em all out in a couple of days at my local guitar shop?

Please help
id go with the vox i got the ad50 and a cube the cube is better for meta lthe vox for classic rock
ibanez rocks
I'd go for the Vox, am planning on getting the AD50VT. I played it and it was beautiful. great tone, great on clean and perfect for classic rock. It does have presets and the gains pretty good as well. Plus its well within your price range, its £180 on net, so thats about $360 or sumat.
try peavey

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Personally, I'd look into tube/valve amps. I've heard that the Laney VC15 is excellent for classic rock and I think it's within your price range. I can't, however, vouch for the quality as I haven't actually played one. The Laney LC30 is also a great valve amp for the price, although I think you may need to save up a little (I think it's around 600 USD). If however you cannot wait, the Vox AD50VT is a great amp for the price. I own the AD30VT and have played the AD50VT and it's fantastic. It's offers great cleans and pretty good distortion for your $.
The best I have found somewhere near your price range ($429 USD list price) is the Peavey Valveking 50 watt 112 combo, all tube. Don't know about the availability or price in Aus.
maybe a Crate V16 or V32?
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Thanks a lot for the advice. I think i might go the vox and later on down the track if i need better distortion i will just get a pedall.

I will try out the peavey's and laneys coz iv herd good things. My mates got a 30w laney which sounded ok. It said something like 30 x or metal x on the front. Do any of you no what i was talking about? I didnt try it claen it would probably be ****.

Well all i can do is try em all out at the shop.

Thanks for the advice n ****
Also what are the marshall valve tronics like? I think they are called that. Id guess they be **** coz they are cheap marshalls?
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Also what are the marshall valve tronics like? I think they are called that. Id guess they be **** coz they are cheap marshalls?

I think they are pretty decent IMO
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^^No such thing as "Marshall Valve tronics". Do you mean the Marshall AVT series? Not worth the cash.

^So...what are you talking about?

Doesn't he mean the Marshall Valvestates? Wait, they are the AVT's, aren't they? The older ones are good, the new ones are shit.
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