ok follks i have to reluctantly sell a lovely yamaha pacifica 812v!!!

its a h/s/s (fat) strat style guitar in nigh on perfect conditon
with a seymour duncan jeff beck(jb) that can be coil tapped by a pull on the tone knob at the bridge and two seymour duncan staggered vintage in the mid/neck 5 way switching locking tuners and rgx trem

plays great and if you a/b tested against a mex strats and a highway one youd plump for this one dont get this confused with a pacifica 112 or 012 as that is like comparing a high end us fender to a squier.

the most expensive readily available pacifica (bar the mike stern signature model) and a great axe in translucent blue

cheapest online price

so itd cost a fiver short of £500 delivered

reviews at


so offers in and around £340 but im willing to listen


Next is an epiphone '58 korina flying v reissue recently set up and bar one tiny chip in a discrete location in showroom condition really great for a wide range of styles

reviews at http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/product/Epiphone/Korina+Flying+V/10/1

Cheapest online http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/epiphone-1958-korina-v/897

so itd cost you a fiver under £300 delivered

yours for £220 !!!
again make me an offer !
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