I was wondering if any of you have ever tried to record yourself bassing, like to make a youtube vid or something like that. I just had a go but it seems like the camera just wont pick up the sound the same as it does when recording a guitar playing for instance.

If you know what I mean is there anything I can do to try and fix this?
Well, I've done it before and I'm kinda surprised it didn't work, but, there is a few options. I don't know if you are recording with an actual camera or a web cam so I'll explain both. You can go to RadioShack and buy an adapter. One of the little plugs the will take it from the size of the patch cord down to what a mic input would be. So then you can plug directly into your camera. If you are doing it on a computer. Plug into you mic jack, simple as that. Give it a go and I'm looking forward to see if it works. Good Luck
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I was just using my digital camera to take a vid of me playing, just so I could see what it looks like and ways to improve etc.

But what seems to happen is as soon as I start playing it makes the background music that I'm playing along with go super quiet along with the bass.
yeah , i wasent pleased with the results lol

The digital camera elaberates any sliding ... its anoying
So do you think I need to connect my amp to my camera somehow to fix it?
Well you can either set up a Mic in front of your amp, get an adapter to make the end of your cable smaller to fit in the line in or mic jack so you can plug your bass directly to your computer and if you're like me and don't have any audio in jacks, get a Lightsnake. A 40$ cable that connects from your bass or amp out jack to a USB port.
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i tried lowering all my setting on my amp, bass 0, treble 0, etc. also moving the camera farther away worked for me. and if none of that works try playing really really clean with no fret sound at all
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I record myself from time to time (Audio only) to pick up my flaws, and because I don't have an amp. It's a lot easier to hear the flaws than noticing them while you're playing at the time.
Also line-in can sound fine, I use a program called Native Instruments Guitar Rig, it simulates real amps/pedals and sounds pretty awesome
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