Ok, so i will be starting a band once August starts because that's when my friend (who plays guitar) will get back from his dad's place (who lives in Atlanta). I just want to know what do I need in order to record drums, guitar, bass, and vocals? And how does the process usually go like?
What do i need to buy and do in order to record drums, bass, guitar, and vocals? Do you record separately or all at once?
Normally my band puts down drums, then bass, then guitars, then vocals, but some bands have recorded all at once, what kind of recording software you using?
I don't have any recording software because the band hasn't "officially" started yet. We'll meet up for the first time in the first week of August. We will start with practicing covers until we become comfortable with eachother and then write some originals. But i just want to know ahead of time, what i'm going to need.