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Fender Jazz Bass 24
28 76%
Schecter Studio 4
9 24%
Voters: 37.
I've narrowed my choices for my next bass down to a Fender Jazz Bass 24 and a Schecter Stiletto Series Studio (try saying that 10 times fast ).

Anyway please give your opinion as to which one of these you would rather have, and why if possible.

Oh also, don't suggest any other basses, I love both of these, and I don't want to make this any harder...
I'd take the fender, for two reasons:
1. The versatility
2. the 'customizable-ness' of it
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Well, it would help if we knew what style of music you played. With that said, the Jazz will probably fit your needs in most situations.
Wow, alright you're in luck as I've just recently tried (and buyed) both of these basses.

I voted for the J 24 because A) That's what I got and B) I thought it was better. The J 24 has quite a hot output but it does it so well, as to not go over board with the roar. The J 24 is extremely versatile with the dual Jazz pickups, and the 24 frets you can achieve so many different sounds. The EQ is set in good places so that there is no need to even have our amp changed at all. All my EQ tweaking is now on board. The 30 Hz low is a little low so there is need to use it sparingly because you can easily get a little too much boom in your sound. Lows aside, the 650 Hz mids are a nice range to tweak because it doesn't add honk (in my opinion) and it doesn't add rumble it just adds the middling frequency perfectly. The high is a little biting at 5.1 kHz but it's really nice again used sparingly to add a lot of clarity to your sound. The EQ is great because there is no need to really drastically change it so the sound coming out of your amp is your bass not some artificial sounding crap.

Now to be perfectly honest I don't really know a lot about the Schecter Stilleto's but I'll tell you what I do know: I didn't like them. If you want a great rock sounding bass this is for you. If you want any kind of mellow tonality do not go for this bass. This bass has very little versatility. Where the J 24 can do rock and jazz with a flick of a few potentiometers this bass really doesn't achieve a very nice mellow bassier sound. The pickups absolutely boil on this bad boy and they roar with anticipation to be unleashed, but therein lies my gripe with them. They really cannot be tamed. The other thing I didn't like about them was, on the one I tried anyway, there was a lacquer finish on the neck which I despise but that's mostly preference.

Just my two bits. Be warned though my post is very biased toward the Jazz 24