ok, i currently play through a fender hot rod deluxe with a strat. im very happy with my clean tones but not completely satisfied with my dirty tones. i really like the drive channel on my amp, however it doesnt have separate eqs for the two channels, and i like more treble i play dirty. so that cant be done live. of course, i love the sound of the clean channel turned to 12. in fact that is THE dirty sound im looking for. i use tubescreamers sometimes, there great when im looking for a tubescreamer sound.ive tried many ods actualy, but none of them quite sound like an amp thats naturaly overdriving. so im thinking about using my hrd for my cleans and then, i would like, some kind of tube amp, i would guess i would want about 10 watts, to dime out for my dirty tones. i would also like to have two speakers in it. (two 12's) does anyone make a 10 watt tube amp with 2 speakers. i dont think ive ever seen one, and i cant seem to find one. also, is ten watts too much, or too little?

also my styles of music are mainly blues, jazz, and classic RnB. think ray charles, SRV, bb king, and otis redding. i also play some rock (aerosmith, the black crowes, skynyrds) and some old country.

also, if anyone has any other suggestions for getting my tone please tell me. thanks
well, have you tried to use your overdrive pedals as a boost? as in turning down the gain all the way, turning the level way up, and tone according to your needs? it will add gain without coloring much. Or if you like the tone of your amp and just want it dirtier look into a clean boost type pedal.
Closest thing I can think of is the Peavey Delta blues 2x12 combo. They are only 20 watts...and I don't think you can get a 10 watt amp anywhere.
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Instead of getting a second amp for your distortion channels, have you tried out various distortion pedals? I know you said you played some tubescreamers, are they the sound you were looking for? maybe a modded DS-1? or a MXr-104?

ive tried a few distortion pedals, and many od's. there actually one OD that i really want to try but no one seems to have it near me. its the bb-preamp. i cant think of who makes it off the top of my head. i heard it on a video on youtube, it sound pretty nice, but i dont want to buy it if i cant try it out.

thanks for all the suggestions everyone, ill try them out. keep em coming
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Closest thing I can think of is the Peavey Delta blues 2x12 combo. They are only 20 watts...and I don't think you can get a 10 watt amp anywhere.

The DB is 30 watts.

but i do know there's a tutorial for doing something with the tubes to make it 15 watts.
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Have you looked into a treble booster?

Ten watts is an odd amp size, and it's tough to find any combo under 20W that comes with two speakers. Many companies make heads 18W and under that you could match up with a 2x12 cab if need be, not that I understand exactly why you'd need two 12's on this amp.
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i love you slats.
yeah, i dont really know why i wanted two speakers anyway.

and no i havent even thought of a treble booster. i need to go to sam ash and try some stuff out.
thanks guys.