I'm looking for a nice metal guitar, and i found these 4:

BC Rich Draco
Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads Guitar with Gold Pinstripe
ESP LTD Alexi Laiho-200

I looked through the UG forum and found that the AX-50 sux, but the 400 is great. All of these guitars attracted me because of there shape. But i was wondering if anyone knows which guitar is best from this list, and what can i do to make them sound better? I don't know if shape affects tone, but every cool shaped guitar I've read about sucks.
RR3, i think they already come with a JB/'59 jazz... What amp you have?
Yeah I have an RR3 and it kicks ass. It comes with the JB/Jazz combo and the Floyd is great
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I'll add to the Jackson. That's the best guitar on that list, both tone-wise and looks-wise in my opinion. I think that'll suit you well.
Get the RR. It's Japanese-made, unlike the LTDs or the B.C. Rich. Plus, it's got the best pickups out of the three, although the Rockfields in the Rich aren't bad at all. I'd also check out the regular RR3 with the trem, as Jackson's licensed Floyds are quite decent.
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The Jackson's pretty much the best guitar in that list.

Yeah. In all honesty, reading the specs, the Draco doesn't sound half bad. It just looks incredibly poser-ish.
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The Jackson is the best, but it doesnt have a trem, I've played the Alexi Laiho model too and it was good but it has no neck pick-up and I didnt like the clean tones on it.

You should just play as many as possible at the guitar shop and pick your favourite (Although both of those are good).
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The Jackson is the best, but it doesnt have a trem, I've played the Alexi Laiho model too and it was good but it has no neck pick-up and I didnt like the clean tones on it.

You should just play as many as possible at the guitar shop and pick your favourite (Although both of those are good).

That's the new cheap Alexi model. It doesn't have an OFR, and it has an EMG-ESP pickup, as opposed to the much better, but still sub-par, EMG-HZ H4. It doesn't have the cool painted bevels, either. I wouldn't recommend it.
I'd grab the Draco because being a fan of High Fantasy, it's rather appealing - Also, I prefer the warmer tone of mahogany with humbuckers. The neck-thru construction is another plus.

The only flaws I see in comparison to the RR3 is lack of versatility (only two pickup positions, no tone knob) and the potential for personal injury is greater.
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Get whatever feels best.

Any guitar with the right pickups and right amp as long as its made with quality wood will sound great.
Listening to you guys i guess I'm Definitely getting the Jackson RR3. I have a Marshall mg10cd amp, but I'm borrowing my friends zoom fire-15. The problem is that i cant try out the RR3 because its exclusively at American Musical. But I'm taking your guy's word for it and I'm going to save up for the Jackson. I LOVE the gold pick guard. Thanks UG.
The RR3 he posted does not have a Floyd nor does it have JB/Jazz or JB/'59!!! read the specs before you post!
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Brandooon is right. It doesnt come with a floyd or those pickups. dang. well i was thinking about getting emg 81/85 pickups instead of the jazz ones to get heavier tone. oh well. cant you install floyd rose anyway?
^ If you're going to spend all that money installing new pickups and such, you might as well buy an RR3 or another higher end model.
Oops I meant one of the higher end RR3s. The ones with the real Seymour Duncans and the FRs.
Oh yeah i see what you mean nightmarext. Yeah but do you think i should pay 140$ MORE for the pickups and the FR?
Well that depends if you are really going to use the FR or not. If you are just going to install EMGs then you should probably get the RR3 that you listed, but if you want an FR then you should probably get the model that has one.
BC Rich=no no.

The RR3 is your best grab, when looking at Jacksons, always go for the higher end ones.
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Is it hard/expensive to install FR?

Well it would probably be very difficult for someone with no experience to do it. You'd have better luck taking it to a luthier, but that would be quite expensive. You would be better off buying the model that already has one.
Well i'm gonna have to start saving up a TON of money. But i think it will be well worth it. My guitar i have now is a 40 year old Telestar and it sounds like s***. Since you have it nightmare, how good is the rr3?
It's totally worth saving up for. The neck is very comfortable (Or to me at least), the pickups sound great (A little too much treble, but I think it's more of an amp problem than the pickups themselves), and the FR almost never drops out of tune. The only time I find that it does is after I change strings, which usually goes away after a day or two. Just make sure you try it out before you buy it.
Thanks man. Yeah i'll try to find a place where i can play it. This is definitely going to be the next guitar i buy. The only problem is that i LOVE the gold pickguard and thats the main reason i want the lower RR3. Maybe i can find a chrome/gold pickguard seperately.
I just looked at some pickguard sites and no one has them for the Jackson RR guitars :/ You might have to get one custom made, but there's no telling how much that would cost.
Oh well. I'll just have to settle with the normal colors. Although the guiatr itself looks kick ass. Dude the RR3 looks SOO nice with the crimson swirl. You've GOT be to be happy with the color. Too bad its like 200$ MORE for that paint job. Heres the site i'm looking at:
Yeah the Crimson Swirl was the first thing that caught my eye whenever I saw it. After I plugged it in and heard it I knew I had to get it. The other finishes would just not do
And actually, I got mine from Guitar Center for $710 including tax, so we got like a discount of 100 bucks. It was pretty cool.
Nice. Yeah i got a guitar center by me so i'll have to check it out. I hope they have it! Cuz if they dont i'd have to kill someone.
We just bargained with them a bit. We didn't want to pay the $800 or so that it was going to cost so we just haggled and got it brought down a bit.
well i guess a good quesiton would be do you want a floating trem?
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