Sup guys, after trying some of the guitars under 300 bucks i think the yamaha is the way to go. I was quite impressed with the tone of this baby . Do any of u owners got any opinions on this guitar?? I already read some threads but i was just wondering if anyone else wanted to share some additional info on it.

PD.-Does anyone own a tobacco sunburst version of this guitar? if so could u post a pic of it? cause unfortunately my local GC doesnt have one so i could actually look at it. The pics found with the online dealers almost never make justice when u really see it live .
I've had this guitar for almost a year now, and I seriously love the sound of it. I don't think you will be disappointed...
I've got a Yamaha FG-700s, I forget the difference. I know it was silly but I really only looked at yamaha cause I wanted a budget steel string acoustic and I had a budjet Yamaha CG-100a classical guitar and Yamaha Pacific 112J electric guitar. So with the incentive of completing the set and my confidence in yamaha to produce quality instruments I tested out the FG-700s and F-310p. I didn't actually mean to test it out I was waiting for the guy so I just started playing. They are truley amazing guitars the FG series it felt better and sounded better to me than the F-310p. I seriously suggest buying it. However I personally would be a bit hesitant in buying a colour before I see it in person but thats just me.