I didn't know whether to put this here or in the acoustic form... but I decided here because the other form is mostly guitars.

Anyway, I am looking into getting a Michael Kelly Firefly acoustic bass, and I was wondering if there were really any good songs to play on it. I am into metal. I don't care what style it is though since l love all music.

I was thinking about maybe even going on the street with it accompanying my friend who plays an acoustic guitar and sings... so suggestions would be welcome for songs of that style too.

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pea, by rhcp, its funny and you could sing and play it at the same time easy.
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Any acoustic song sounds good on those MK basses. I got a firefly a while back and it was awesome... till a string broke and i got the wrong legnth...der... oh well the joker or steal my kisses.
So it goes.
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some IRON MAIDEN songs are played on an acoustic bass, so you could pay your homage to EDDIE

Haha you're right... thanks...

@orpheus171- Thanks... I will check that out for sure.
@bassandcello - Haha thats sucks. I'll check out those songs... thanks.
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This is the biggest collection of ADD i've ever seen.
yea, +1 to flea, i played it with my electric when i was with some poeple who wanted me to play something, but they wernt very musical, so i needed something that would keep peoples attention, and Peas great for that, plus its funny.
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Check out some MTV unplugged sets such as Nirvana's and Alice In Chain's
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