When you go away what do you take with you?

I take...

MP3 player
Toiletries etc
Guitar pick
Forigen socket thingy

anddd loads more, but i cant be botherd to list cos its too much

Whats the one thing you make sure take because you feel you NEED it??

Mine would have to be my MP3 player i think!

What one thing do you take just because you can?

Mine would be a Guitar pick lol.
a good knife, and a good side arm too. obviously i dont fly
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my plane ticket, honestly, dont forget it it will ruin your day
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gameboy and shed loads of batteries.
That was a rare post..

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I don't know the answer, or have anything funny to say, but dude that is one sweet Bulbasaur avatar
clothes, shoes, loads of shampoo and conditioner, hairdryer, towels, CDs & cd player + mp3 player, if im going in a car, ill take my silent violin.
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Clothing, laptop, iPod, a book or two, usually a magazine, cameras, notebooks, and sometimes an acoustic guitar.
Listen to mah discs.


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My music and porn and PSP. Oh and I guess some clothes.
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Ipod, clothes and a colossal amount of paperback books.
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Clothes, iPod, all sorts of graphic novels, sketch book, ballpoint pens and pencils, my beloved DS, and plenty of Wizard, Game Informer, and Guitar Player magazines.
666 BRO
they still have them.........
They come in colour now!!
That was a rare post..

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I don't know the answer, or have anything funny to say, but dude that is one sweet Bulbasaur avatar
I take my mp3 player and cd player with a huge book of 90-something cds as backup because my battery life on my mp3 is terrible.
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I'm going to Devon on the 28th with loads of mates, so i'm taking:
6 t-shirts
2 shirts
2 pairs of jeans
2 pairs of jeans
1 zip-up jacket
1 hoody
pair of converse shoes
my flippy-flops
7 pairs of boxers
7 pairs of socks
swimming trunks
2 towels
1 hat
deodrant, aftershave, toothbrush, hair gell, toothpaste, showergell, shampoo/conditioner, face wash
MP3 players, 2 books, 2 magazines
£200 spending money
wallet and mobile phone and charger.
18 cans of Carlberg
digital camera

I'm all set to go!
^ be sure to visit Barometer World while your in devon.
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