i've been playing guitar and bass for a while now and i'm thinking of moving onto keyboards on the side, i like the white stripes, radiohead, coldplay etc. and think it would be cool and add an extra dimension and whatnot to my playing.

gak confused the hell out of me. i only want a cheap one, nothing too fancy lol.

ideas? recomendations? advice?

Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.
Well it's always good to try new things with your playing and get a more unique sound, plus my friend who plays piano has a TON more music experience then I do, but hes been playing for 3 years with sheet music, While all I do is learn theory and play tabs
Learn piano, then you'll pwn the keyboard.

and the guitar.

and the bass.

but yeah, keyboards are cool. go forth and tinkle the (psuedo) Ivories!
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piano > keyboard

Theres a piano in my house and a keyboard as well but keyboard just sounds soo fake.

Ask rabidguitarist - if memory recalls he is a pianist.
I don't like keyboards in music for the most part, but there are times where it works.

If you want to learn to play them, go for it. You can never know how to play too many instruments.

I started playing keyboards about a month ago and I like it even more than guitar now. Although pianos are nicer, keyboards are way cheaper and you can use them to learn the piano too, its the same exact thing, just without the weighted keys. Alot of keyboards have a really nice piano sound setting, too.


I bought this after trying out a bunch of different stuff at their store for a few weeks. It's relatively cheap, its MIDI compatible, and it has a **** ton of different effects and settings. I love it. Don't be put off by how complicated the whole learning system on the keyboard itself is, you realistically wont use it anyways. The only bad thing about it is that it DOES NOT come with it's own power supply, you need to buy the Yamaha survival kit for it, which runs for $30. However, it also comes with some headphones, a computer program for the keyboard to hook up your keyboard to your PC and save your own settings through your computer and alot of other things, and a sustain pedal. If you're going to go into keyboards...Do ettt.
how the hell do i afford a piano, put it through my guitar F/X, and then tell the difference between that and a keyboard?
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.