Chosen People

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Say a sweet prayer to repent for your life before you start it all over tomorrow

Implore for forgiveness for the terrible things you’ve done

in the last few minutes of your life

You’ve done it a million times it should be fairly easy for a pro like you (it’s a shame)


We are God’s chosen people but if we didn’t point it out no one would ever know

And the world might ask, the world might ask, because they might want to know


How are you different, I don’t see a change in you

How are you different, does that meaningless prayer make you better than us

Why should I sacrifice for that same life style you're living now

You haven’t given me reason when reason is all I want to see


You can cuss like a sailor but then pray in tongues all without shame

You can get wasted Saturday night but then with a hangover teach Sunday school

And it’s only the beginning of the life you live

It’s what the world sees (it’s a shame)
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