Before i begin: Thanks to the wonderful person who put this guitar up on ebay, as i would've probably never have gotten this any other way. It took many, many months waiting, and searching for the one i wanted. Patience is a virtue eh?

Better, and more in depth reviews can be found on HC (especially some of the older reviews who have info on Jean Agile):

The ebay pictures where far better than any picture i could've taken.


Neck and Headstock:


You can kinda see it in the pictures, but it seems like the previous owner never wiped down the guitar, as there are nasty sweat and gunk residue all over the pup covers and metal parts. Elbow grease didnt do a damn thing. Any tips on removing the stains?

I changed the strings out with 12 gauge flatwounds and noticed some problems: 1) Its seems my low E is too THICK to fit through hole in the machine head. I had a hard time shoving and pulling the string through. All other strings were fine.
2) With the heavier gauge, my roller bridge is starting to lean at quite an extreme angle toward the bridge pup. What would be the best way to set the roller bridge back to a more center oriented spot?
3) Also, with the middle pickup, i can't control each pup independently, resulting in just a master volume and master tone.

Other than those minor gripes, i absolutely love this guitar. I love playing it unplugged, and it resonates wonderfully, thanks to its FREAKING GIGANTIC BODY. This beast is MASSIVE. Plugged in, i can get smooth jazz and blues tones with tone rolled off a bit on the neck pup, all the way to that rockabilly twang in the bridge pup.

Also, i read on some reviews that the guitar was quite heavy and weight would be an issue. Luckily, previous owner installed a neck button strap so I played upright for the past couple hours and it felt fine. Compared to my Schecter C-1 Classic, this was a relief on my back.

Post any questions/comments/concerns you guys have, i'll be glad to answer them.

This is the leaning bridge i was talking about. Does anyone know how to adjust a roller bridge?

The pups with beautiful, hard to clean, sweat stains.

And finally, a family photo: Schecter C-1 Classic, Agile Cool Cat Prestige, Ibanez RG520, and prob the best guitars i have, Guitar Hero SG =P

I also have a red squier strat, but it couldnt fit....darn....=P

Oh, quick side question too. I need to make a truss rod adjustment on the ibanez, but there's a problem--its blocked.

How can i adjust it if i cant even fit the allen wrench in it without taking all the strings off? Hex key?
I just slacken off the middle 2 strings for truss rod adjustments, or is the retainer bar in the way too?
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