Whats your opinion on doing this? I was thinking about doing this to make it simpler to play and learn new scales. I know that it affects bar chords to an extent. Does it make learning the fretboard easier in any way? Do many people do this?
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I have no idea how that would help in any way. You'll have to explain more.
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The only guitarist I can think of that does that is Stanley Jordan. It's really only useful if you're playing his style of tappy music.
Like a bass you mean? It's a possibility but if you've learnt guitar with the the third and then all of a sudden make it all fourths it's gonna **** with your head a lot. All your scales are out of whack, all your chords etc.
If you know your guitar like the back of your hand, go ahead. It might simplify a couple of things, like make smaller distances to stretch. But that's really the only advantage I can think of... the guitar is tuned EADGBe for reason, and I find messing with that unintelligent. Your barre chords are definitely screwed up, and scales become convoluted. Whatever floats your boat- I won't insult your style.
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basically what ur doing is reducing the 6 strings of your guitar to 4, these can still be used as usually, chords on the first 4 strings tend to sound jazzy, all it got you is a couple of extra notes.. i think of this tuning as so-so..
i'd prefer BEDGBe, and combine bass and chords .. making you a good accompanist, but why go through the trouble, just play with a bassplayer and keep your strings tuned the way you like them best.
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I think i may have asked the question wrong. What i mean is if i were to tune the two small top strings B and E up to C and F so then its E A D G C F.
I will shred in the end!!
I see what you mean, that may make it easier for scales because the strings are tuned in fourths all the way up. But still, I would stay in standard so I don't have to learn chord shapes and stuff again.
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