I got me A Yamaha RGX520DZ on Sunday.
Its everything I wanted since uive been using my APX for almost 2 Years.

It has this "Floyd Rose" Lock for the tremelo that uses a finger Clamp locking system.
Im aware the the screws at the bridge ar for fine tuning but since I got it my strings have gone out of tune and fine tuning wont do the trick.

I cud go to the shop I brought it and ask how to unlock the srings so I can tune up with the headstock tuners but I thought I may aswell ask here first.

So the question is "How can I release the lock on the strings of my RGX520DZ?" please go into detail if you can.

Remeber its a finger clamp. Id really appreciate any help you guys can give me.
i would say just get the right allen wrench and unscrew it, but i just put finger clamp in on google and i don't know what the hell to tell you now
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You flick the lever up towards the headstock I think. Just have a play with it and you'll figure it out
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Read the manual that should've come with your guitar. If you can't find it, then look it up online, it'll definitely be there.
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FINGER clamp. I'd assume you use your finger.
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Thanks, It didnt come with a manual, I bought it off display.

I'll try looking for the manual.