The girl next door.

The girl next door looks through the window.
Eyes shining bright, upon her face.
She makes a smile, through a sad face.
I’ll take her away to an Imaginary place.

See makes laugh, she makes me cry.
She’s the one, but I know she’s not mine.
I wish I could make her say goodbye.
Understanding that this could be a crime.

The girl next door looks up at the stars
She see happiness and loneness back at her.
She plunges down in a deeper depression
She’s had enough, this is my mission.

He comes back home, from wherever.
She knows, its not long, before
He doesn’t care, what-so-ever.
She’s a prisoner of war.

Yeah, My first real song.
C&C please.
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yea, but perhaps this was meant to be...
there could be a handful of stoners somewhere in Jersey that are on the verge of creating a new metal...a new thrash metal...

...or were all screwed =]

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too much like every other song out there.
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she's a renegade princess.

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