I Have an Ibanez S-320 don't like the sound of the pick-ups. I was wondering which pick-ups should i go for i was thinking about EMG pick-ups but even then i'm not sureof which ones. could anyone please help me in my search new pick-ups.
I have EMG's in my S and I hate them. Once I have money i'm putting all passive in it, I much prefer the sound of passives but that is my preference. What kind of sound are you going for? I can help point you in the right direction.
well im going for a kind of nice rock sound but not to heavy because i still would like to play "indie" music
Going from JUST what you said, and my personal preferences with those styles of music because you gave me nothing more I think that the Dimarzio Breed would sound good in the bridge, and the Air Norton would sound quite good in the neck. I have an AN in my Schecter and the tone is just unbelievable. The Breed is sort of a mix between the high output Evolution and a more vintage pickup, so you have this great tone right in the middle.