On underoaths wikipedia it says that some guy,Nick something,is doing vocals on the next album!

Does this mean Spencer or Aaron will be leaving?

Or are they just gonna have three vocalists now?
Maybe thats the studio vocals guy.
And the other two just pretend to sing.
Just my guess.

or I dunno, maybe the want three vocalists?
Well if Wikipedia says it, it must be true...
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Bon Jovi can just **** off really.

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Multiple rumors have flown around by word of mouth and through the internet of Underoath signing newcomer Nick Demeas or breaking up. Underoath released a statement confirming none of this was true and they followed through by doing their Canadian tour followed by the 'Taste of Chaos World Tour.

Try reading.
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Try reading.

You know what.

I just got owned

I laughed when I read that actually.It made me feel stupid.

I wish I could own people like that