Just bought this the other day for 499 used with a full year warranty. I have not yet received the amp but I heard it has overheating issues? Does anyone here have experience with this amp? Also, I don't plan on pushing the tubes too hard but I do want to play with the master volume cranked and the channel volume at a bedroom level. Will this cause the amp to overheat? (If so, whats the most cost effective way to fix it?)

I think that issue has been fixed. I think as long as you dont cover any vent holes etc then you should be ok but if you're still worried about it you could always just get a fan and put it behind the amp.
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argh... i have the 2002 model

Just leave it in a cool area with plenty of air flow and you will be right.
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i live in los angeles with no air conditioning . Should I just point a fan towards the back during the hotter parts of the day and when I am actually playing it? I also plan to keep it covered, of course
I had it...it overheated a lot. I couldnt play it for more than 3 hours iwthout it starting to BURN. I blew a fuse 3 times in only one month......I gave it back.

PSont refer to my Sig. I really did return it.
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