I wasn't getting any responses in the tube thread so I decided to post a thread...

Recently my mesa's preamp tubes went kaput.

I really want to try out different tubes other than the standard Mesa 6L6's and 12AX7's. The F-100 head I have does not have any way to bias the tubes without taking it apart.

If I wanted to install 4 Tung-SOL 12AX7's and E-H 6L6's, as long as I buy them in a matched set, I wouldn't have anything to worry about right? Since the Mesa 6L6's are "lifeless" I really want to up my tone. Would buying non Mesa tubes be bad for my amp, the warranty is already gone so that's not a concern, but having tubes that aren't made for Mesa, are there any issues or reasons why this would be a bad idea?
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No, you can put any tubes in there you want, but you will prob have to take it to an amp place and get the tubes rebiased...

which just means (I think) that they check the power of the tubes into your amp to make sure its correct so your amp isnt trying to hard or not enough... or something like that, lol.
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