Pick your five favourites!!

Red Hair don't kill
Kill the sheep
Black Shirts
Kill the herd
Never Fall
Massive rejects
blame the mass
led nowhere
three-headed dog
empty chair
taken chair
channel for thoughts
no highway
crying is for wankers
wankers by choice/rejoice!
hedonism sucks
love hate punk
the perceptive bunch
the perceptives
coolest guitarist ever is in our band
felt nothing
noodle bunch
sub-urban ****s
source of creation
source of ownage
wanton destruction
destruction of everything common
soudntechnicians we're not
overture at the end
longlegged studs
hit and ran
punk emission
led editorial
dresswearing handbags
pretty in pink
coke's not soda
snakes on a crane
enough is enough
the payoff
tone's not our deal
scrapheap bastards
hired for nothing
lost nothing yet
nothing yet
everything yet?
everything or nothing
noble or not
music for wankers
help us please
name it
what's our name again
what's our name
walk of shame
i don't know
in the dark
dragon's curse
back from yemen
liza minelli's got nothing on us
bags under eyes
the where
the why
the how
calling you mad
late for dinner
gr8 m8
measured by chicks and won
one for all
stepping on harks
your tube
charlie chaplin fanclub
slapstick parade
mandatory charade
earth wind and water
light of day
rooster of death
kill vincent
seven AM mother****er
add sugar please
giant speedo of death
henchmen of henchmen
huge ball of twine
we say you say
ugly as sin
ugly for sin
lazy as sin
poisonous acid
paper sheets
light on button
pick of death
giant pick of death
acidous pick of death
destructive pick of death
cereal attacks!!!
grotesque mother****ers
invader slim
johnny bis
trash in a can
your space
destructive annihilation
eat rabbit
like or die
no-ones here
the drug
drugs for free
care less
slithered throat
the jolly bunch
necks and ropes
the statement
blue red yellow
yellow blue red
red yellow blue
our drummer never practices
sword of light
modern weapon
foxes are gay
foxes are gay-ass mother****ers
so-called social beings
so-called wankers
so-called bastards
scared of publicity

thanks ^^
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