im building an arch top lp clone. i bought the body off ebay, already routed, drilled, arch top glued on, and even some cream binding (which will be ripped off and replaced). im in the design phase of the neck right now. im looking at soul mates stuff, i think thats the route im going. but i cant decide if i want to just use the set neck that this body is already designed for, or if i should get crazy and do a neck through. the body, and top i suppose, are made of basswood. not exactly the mahogany the Lp should be. will a mahogany through neck help the sound? i dont want to kill any sound because i had to make something look different. ie through neck. ive heard that glue can kill the vibration through the body. hence the bolt-on/set neck arguement. will there be too much glue holding the through neck to kill any noticeable sound i might gain by using the mahogany?

also, if the neck through is the way i should happen to go. i guess ill have to cut out the back of the body, and leave the arch top?

Do you have pictures of the body?
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It would be easier to make a body from scratch than it would be to modify it to take a through neck. If you really want a trough neck then sel the body you have and buy some lumber.

If it were me, I'd just go with a set neck on this one. Do a through neck on your next guitar.
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