I used to be able to palm mute just fine on my other guitar with a tune-o-matic, but i just cant quite figure out how to make it work on my zr. I think its mostly because the ZR is lower on the body than the fixed bridge. any advice?
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non really just keep practicing it, that was the same with me and i can do it fine now just gotta practice a little
i've actually gotten used to muting with a FR style trem, sometimes i'll even palm mute lightly on the strings themselves, that takes some getting used to, but once you get used to it, it sounds just the same as normal
ive never played on a ZR but i have noticed that theres a big difference from a tune-o-matic or any other hardtail to a double locking trem. i went from a standard strat-style low pro hard tail to a floyd and its was a BIG difference. a tune-o-matic to a ZR is gonna be a HUGE jump. just keep at it, ull get used to it.
You can't rest your palm on the bridge at all, because it pushes it out of tune. So the first time I got mine I didn't even realize that until after I got it (it was my first guitar), and I was like oh crap I'm gonna have to take it back lol. Ofcourse I just learned to mute without touching the bridge. It doesn't sound any different or anything. Just took a little practicing.
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