Alright i think i have all the major points I need but seeing as how this is my first mod attempt feel free to add anything i forgot

-OLP John Petrucci Sig

-4X2 Gotoh Style Tuners

-Dimarzio Tone Zone (Bridge)

-Dimarzio PAF (Neck)

-GHOST prewired Piezo pickup set

-Acousti-Phonic Onboard Preamp

-Quickswith for piezo system.

Im still looking to see if i can replace the bridge.
I'm maybe I'm slightly retarded, but doesn't the JP sig have a piezo in the bridge? Or at least a version of the JP sig?
OLP is not musicman, they make musicman copies, so sorry JD Red LP, you are wrong.

I'd put some Schaller Locking tuners on instead, as that is what Petrucci has in his guitar.
Also, a graphite nut, and maybe graphite saddles.
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im having trouble finding those schallers i can only find the 3 on each side and the 6 in line.

i was gonna paint it the mystic dream color or something close to it but im not 100% sure of what i need i think it looks like this



-Clear Coat

but i dont know if im supposed to use a reducer and a black base coat or just use the reducer as the base coat.
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