Well, I have been playing guitar a while and I want to get a bass to fool around with, not to play in a band or anything.

I want to pay around 200 USD.

I was think about a Squier Jazz. Any good?
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The Squire Jazz is a solid choice. And save up another 50 bucks to get the starter pack, so You get and amp. Before you say, "I was just gunna run it through my guitar amp", it will **** your amp up. it will sound bad and you won't enjoy it as much.
no, they sound like crap.
get that ^ way better.

I own one and its great.
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Agreed. There's no point in doing anything if she looks like shit.
agreed, the ibanez sound soooo damn good, i had one and regret ever selling it
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I think I will get the starter pack then. I like the look and I have heard the sound and I like it.
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In my experience, there's no $200 bass that sounds like crap. Or, if you prefer, there's no $200 bass that sounds good. Why do people expect so many things from a $200 bass? Anyway, I owned a Squier and it was just fine for what it was. It plays just as good as an Ibanez, has a familiar tone, and doesn't look as cheap as the Ibanez. Yamahas felt like they are going to fall apart in my hands. Of course, that's my 2 cents.
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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
It's not a bad choice. I'd personally suggest the Ibanez GSR200 though. I feel that Ibanez has a much easier to play neck, and like them for that reason.
I got the Squier P-Bass Pack with the amp. It's starting to become obvious that it is indeed a beginner bass, but it's served me well. The output jack sometimes falls inside of my bass... But thats not really a problem if I have a screwdriver. Actually... talking about screwdriver... My E string's tuner was loose so I had to tighten it... But sound wise... It's aight. Squier Jazz should be just fine, esp if you're just learning.
My first bass was a Dean Edge (the cheapest one because I know there a lot of them ), and it worked great for me and I still play it now because i recently defretted it, it was a great choice.
The Squier and the Ibanez are both decent starter basses.

My 2 cents. Go to a music store, and try them both out. They are different in their construction. Myself, I prefer the Ibanez neck vs. the Squier neck. And then get the bass that feels and sounds better to you and your style.
Yea I'd try them both out and a few other basses in that price range too. Personally I'd go with the Squier, its not that I don't like the Ibanez just that the squier suits more of what I play.
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And Ibanez basses tend to have a similar construction across the SR series, so if you could grab another SR, it should give you a fairly good comparison to rate the playability of the two types.