Upon listening to the band dragonforce several times i couldn't figure out how they get the tone. i know laney, whammy, and evolution pups but i was wondering about their settings. and YES i looked in the ultimate settings thread.
Ugh - the recording process maybe? I don't know listen to the sound if you really cannot achieve that with all the same equipment then prepare to buy the same mic that it was recorded with and try and mix it like the album

what else are you supposed to do?
well, you lace it with numerous amounts of effects, play as fast as you can, buy a million dollar recording studio and tweak it to perfection...
Oh I know how they get the tone they get.

The play the songs at a slower speed down on the a little ways, then it is sped up.


(don't take too seriously, although I wouldn't be shocked if it was sped up a little bit, like fire and flames solo - never seen him do it live anything like the studio version
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