Apparently Guitar Center will do this for $80, and I have been considering doing this. I was just wondering what the drawbacks are to doing this, if any? Any information is appreciated.

u mean to acoustic electric? uh... ur resale price would go down... but that's about it.
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Quote by ECistheBest
u mean to acoustic electric?

Right, that's what I meant. So there's no other real drawbacks other than resale price?
I wouldn't let guitar center do it for you

A good aftermarket pickup costs anywhere from $60 to $200. A lot of them don't change the acoustic tone of the guitar at all. Most of them you can install yourself with no problem. The ones that do need to be installed by a pro are not installed by the "techs" at guitar center.
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The drawback would be the loss of tone (and possibly volume) due to cutting a hole in your guitar for the preamp.
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thats one hell of a find. Did it have change in the case? cause you probably stole it from a busker who was off taking a piss.

^good aftermarket pickups don't requier you to cut a hole in your guitar for the preamp.
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I kind of want them to do it for me though because I would have no idea how to do it myself.
Sounds like it could be a good idea. I might do it if my guitar was a cut-out, but I'd only want an acoustic electric if I could play past the 14th or 15th fret :P
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