I got a fat paycheck and this looks like to good of deal to pass up (I'm also getting a tube combo :headbang

Look here!

What do you guys think of this guitar? The natural finish one is only $99.99 because its on clearance. All of the reviews seem great, but I trust UG more because of the lack of bias (somewhat). Even though I have the money, I wouldn't like to waste it.
that guitar is 99 dolla's everywhere it's not just on clearence. it's not gonna sound good the pickups are gonna be unbelievaably horrible. but if you change them you'll have a decnt guitar
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Save up more. If thats the budget you're looking at for a guitar, I'd love to know what amp you're getting. So what amp did you have in mind?
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I don't have a iudget for a guitar (I don't "need" another one either ) I just saw this, thought it would be a good base for a guitar to customize because it was cheap and seemed to get good reviews stock, and I was wondering what UG's opinions were on it.

Amp wise, I'm looking for a tube combo under $700 that can get a nice distortion (doesn't have be extremly high gain because I can use a pedal) and pull of nice cleans to.
The guitar isn't good as a primary guitar, I have one and use it as a backup. The bridge pickup is thin, but if you get another bridge pickup then it's fine.
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Dude.. the XM is awesome.
I have it, the pickups are good.
It has pretty good sustain.
And pinch harmonics are like perfect on it.