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Ok. WE are a pop-punk band. we are really young. well not really. 14 years old. check us out. our myspace is www.myspace.com/cffoband

Haha well the guitar tone on that first song needs some work, but other than that you guys sound pretty decent, the second song sounds really cool. Keep it up. Really happy to see you're not strumming 4 power chords each time each the whole song, too, considering your influences :p.

Edit: Just got to the vocals on the second song, yeah the lyrics need some work haha, but other than that pretty nice.
thanks dude. we have more we have to record also. We now have a bassist. Well the bassist was our drummer and now hes back at drums and we have a bassist and a new singer.
i want to hear the blink coverrrr

and the guitar tone is really bad in that songg
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Just heard "her best friend"

The intro was pretty nice, I liked that alot. The clean tone is not bad and sounded kind of soothing

When the distortion guitar comes in. Like others have said, you need to adjust the gain, it seems just like noise because its up so high.

I think the vocalists should sing more instead of talk, especially in "im in love with the.."
That will make the song much better.

Can you return the favor check out my band?heres the thread:


the new song sounds okay but the singing is really weird. Its like you're trying to sing like barbara streisand or whitney houston or trying to make it sound like you're sing and not talking or something.

There are parts that are off, and i know because Untitled is like my favorite blink song.

Ya, the singing is a little high pitched. it sound like yelling too, and you kind of accented some words a little to much, like you started yelling or something and then you went back to singing or whatever you call what you doing. I would call it high pitched talking/yelling.

Work on it

it will be good

if you try...

that sounds like something a wise person in a movie would say...like a janitor that has no importance in the plot until says that one line and gets the main character back in the game

ok...i got that out of my system
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I know..... I kinda ran out of breath in some places. Does anyone have any advice on singing? My mic is a decent mic but it is really quiet. So..... ADvice?
i have advice...try singing in your range.

instead of this high pitched stuff

i can tell you have a lowish voice from hearing "her best friend"
We have a new song up. Well just the guitar. For the all the small things cover. So check it out.
i just checked the myspace, all the small things is not there.

thank you, the end, good night, and good luck.
14 is really young..

1. the guitarist cant stay on beat
2. the singing isn't very good
3. the songs are pretty damn textbook for punk...
i think they just sound like crap.
i dont need to say much more.
they just sound like poop.
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