Written at 3am, prolly pretty bad, oh well, i just wanted to write something, so i did all OTS like. C4C.

Of Faulkner and His Missing Finger

I lived in a southern state already, but
we wanted to be even closer to the equator than the homeland would allow,
so we broke ourselves off and floated seven hundred miles down the globe.
Life is good here, economy blossoming, lifestyles rich with luxury;
I took four baths and six naps yesterday and still had time to put in a days work
at the office.
My job is at the most isolated tip, what we call the "feet" of our state
as sometimes the asphalt melts through our shoes, latches onto our heels,
and pulls us straight down into the center of the world.
We cut off the victim's left trigger-finger to remember them by. The sun is unrelenting.
But we are all incredibly happy here.
At the office
We have a hat where we place our pictures, so we know who has died during the day based on
whoevers loved ones are left inside at the end of each shift. A lot of men die here. And
the suns rays unremittingly shower across the landscape like waves of bullets,
energized by the possibility they will fulfill what they were created for.
Field fires are common here,
and they do not start slow like gas from a nozzle, but like quick memories of Hiroshima,
mini solar-flares that we can see from the window
at the office.
It is a good life here. I have a PHD. It is very hot here. I work with sunstrokes.
I love healing here because I see so much death, so many women and children literally catching flame, passed out and roasting in the street. It gets lonely because people just like to work
at the office,
and don't like to come around the blistered streets with me
as I watch the innocent civilians die, their minds or bodies wrought with so much pain that they literally cannot go on.
The night comes so often that it is perpetual.
But being this far south, in the middle of the hot spots, the sun never sleeps to give us pause for reflection or rest.
We need help.

But life is good, I took six baths and four naps today,
and I still had time to read about a medic who went south to fight for his country,
and I still had time to imagine I was him,
and I still had time to be content with as far as my imagination would take me,
and I still had time to feel a little bit of fear
before shaking it off and kissing my girlfriend to sleep;
I needed to go to sleep if I was going to make a good impression interview the next morning for a possible promotion at Target.
My finger was gone the next morning.
And I was confused that day as I walked down the street for another day
at the office.
Really nice, it feels like you've gone full circle in this piece. The imagery is great, although I think you may refer to the sun one too many times. I love the contrast between happiness and misery, how you talk of chaos but your characters are incredibly happy, it's a good self-reflection for our society itself. Really thought provoking, good work.
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