I just got my new MIM strat and it keeps going out of tune like crazy. I make sure that it isnt getting its knocked around and stuff. And the trussrod hasnt been adjusted yet to set it up perfectly. But is it just the string stretching in that is making it go out of tune or what? THanks
My experience of Fender instruments is that it'll be set up perfectly, unless you want the action different to the stock set up.

It's pretty likely that the strings need stretching - have you done that? and are you using the trem a lot? that'll throw it out of tune without stretching the strings (and quite possibly after you have stretched them too!)
Well, I know when you put new strings on a guitar they do tend to go out of tune very quickly at first but your problem seems to be worse then that. Take your guitar in for a set-up. I forget what your problem is exactly but it is quite common so all I can suggest is that you take it to your shop and have them have a look at it.
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probably a problem that will go away soon. If it doesnt take it back to the shop and tell them, with a fender, chances are that they can fix it easy, but if not, then theyll get it fixed, and it'll b under warranty so theyll send it back free of charge, wel they should at least.
Yeah i am going to get the guitar set up properly tomorrow so hopefully that wil fix it. I do not use the tremolo bar so that isnt the problem. I dont need the bridge to float so if that helps. I hope it is just the strings. It is a brand new guitar with new strings and had never been played before so i hope that is just the problem.

When i say going out of tune i mean not all the strings and only each one by about a small turn of the machine head but that is after about an hour of playing. If that helps.
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Just stretch them and hope they improve to start off with, give them a good pull at the twelth fret then tune them up again. Some guys have told you to take it back to the shop, not knowing the extent at which it is dropping tune I can't really comment but don't be too surprised if they tell you it s normal and to keep ahold of it for a few weeks and see if it improves.

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Give the strings a good stretching, and by that I mean grab them and yank them off the fretboard, not just a few bends at the 12th fret. If you still have problems after that then take it for a setup.
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