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I go on google and type in "ultimate" but instead of pressing search I press I'm Feeling Lucky. How do the rest of UG get on here?
i type in on the adress bar thingy...
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You mean there are other things on the internet than UG?

Seriously? What is this google you speak of?

It's my homepage....
for me it's normally in my drop box in the address bar.. so all i have to type is "www.ult" and the drop bar comes down and i hit the down arrow key and enter
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Ultimate-Guitar is my homepage.

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I have it on my firefox

A link straight to UG and the Pit

Me too.
I google Ultimate Guitar everytime. I never liked Favorites, I just remember exactlly what to type into Google to get it on the first hit.
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I have it as Speed dial 1 in Opera. I open Opera, press 1, then enter and I'm here!
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I use to remember the whole URL to the pit, but I forgot it. I don't keep the history.

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have it on speed dial in opera
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I just type 'u' into the address bar and it comes up with it.

I didn't know that UG came up first if you type 'ultimate' into Google though... thats vaguely interesting.
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Ultimate-Guitar is my homepage.


It's also in my quick links toolbar.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
I don't think thats what he meant. I think he kinda meant how did you find UG?

well, if thats the case, i was looking for a good tab site (you guys DO remember that you can find tabs here, right?), and UG came up. then after a while i started using the forum.

wait, ****, nevermind. um, UG is my homepage.

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It's my homepage, I hardly go on any other website.
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yeah, thats me

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